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Just some of the things we do every day to protect you

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We take the trust you place in us to protect your financial information very seriously. We will never request your pin or password by phone, text or email.
Real‐Time Decisioning We monitor debit and ATM account activity for any unusual activity, such as out‐of‐state charges or an expensive purchase. If something unusual is detected, we may contact you to verify the charges.
Layered Security Our comprehensive, multi‐layered security strategy addresses risks and vulnerabilities at each access point to keep your data safe. We partner with global firms to provide technology that is on the leading‐edge of security to ensure our systems are protected from continually, evolving threats. Our online systems incorporate SSL technology along with timeout and lockout features.
Account Alerts Through eBanking, we give you the ability to set alerts so you can monitor any unusual activity on your account, or just to keep an eye on your balances. Alerts can be sent through email or text, based on your preference.
CheckProtect All checks ordered through Johnson Bank are delivered using this secure and trackable shipping service to ensure that your personal information is protected.
Zero Liability Visa® guarantees that you won't be held responsible for fraudulent charges made with your Johnson Bank Elan credit card or account information. Read more about Visa's Zero Liability.
Visa® Checkout Shopping online is easier and more secure with Visa Checkout and your Johnson Bank Visa® debit cards. Learn more on how to enroll and participating retailers, or visit Visa Checkout.