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ClearWealth® Approach

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Your Best Interests Are the Center of Everything We Do

Our primary mission is to help you make the most of your life. We work to achieve this by striving to help you attain your personal and financial goals, avoid unnecessary investment risks and needless sacrifice. We achieve this through:

We answer to you, and act on your behalf. With your best interests in mind. We have an intense focus on building a long term relationship and offering personalized wealth management solutions for you.

Wealth Management

We have decades of experience designing wealth management strategies for affluent families and wealthy individuals, airline pilots, entrepreneurs, and foundations. We'll help you face challenges that require a combination of financial, legal and tax knowledge.*

*Johnson Financial Group does not provide legal or tax advice.

Your needs are complex. The Johnson Financial Group team is committed to developing a financial partnership with you for life. We will work closely with you to help identify what's important to you and your family, and help you achieve your objectives. Developing a plan is more than just retirement planning. It's also Investment planning. Estate planning. Risk Management and Insurance. Managing your cash flow. Our team of professionals is ready to help you create, grow and preserve your assets now and for future generations. We call it our ClearWealth® Approach.

ClearWealth® Approach

Explore our ClearWealth® Approach below to learn more about how we can help you create, grow and preserve your assets—not just for you and your family, but for the next generation.

ClearWealth® Financial Planning   Retirement Plan Transitions   Retirement Income Planning

ClearWealth Pre‐Retirement Program   Portfolio Management   Fiduciary Services

ClearWealth® Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than planning for the day you will retire. How do you want to live in retirement? Do you want to travel? With your children? Do you want to provide for the next generation after you are gone? Do you have a charitable organization you would like to be part of your estate? Would you like to move to a better climate? What about healthcare? How will you be cared for in the event of a catastrophic illness? Should you purchase a long term care insurance policy? These questions and more should be addressed as part of a comprehensive financial plan. Our ClearWealth Financial Planning process will ensure that you consider all of the important issues you will likely face as you approach retirement, transition into retirement and help you live comfortably through retirement. Learn more about our ClearWealth Financial Planning process.

Retirement Plan Transitions

Employer‐sponsored retirement plans, including 401(k) or 403(b) plans, are often the centerpiece of the retirement planning process. In our increasingly dynamic work world, you may experience a need to transition your retirement plan due to employment change or even changes at your employer, such as a merger or acquisition. This transition creates both opportunities and challenges which must be fully considered and handled appropriately. Johnson Financial Group has an experienced transition team to help you navigate these situations.

Our process begins with listening. We listen to you to understand your objectives. We also have the experience to ask the right questions. Once priorities are established, we facilitate the planning process, and help you consider your options. They may seem overwhelming, but on the other hand, many investing and planning opportunities are also opened up to you. An experienced planning partner can make all the difference in helping you understand your choices and develop a sound plan for your future.

Please refer to the articles and whitepaper below when considering your options:

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Retirement Income Planning

As you near retirement, we can provide you with a comprehensive proposal that evaluates your current situation in relation to your retirement goals. This includes projections of your future financial welfare based on such variables as your income requirements, inflation projections, potential taxes, social security, required minimum withdrawals and military or other plan benefits.* We will also provide a clear explanation of the various retirement plan options available so that your election will be appropriate based on your goals.

When you're ready, your team will assist you in complying with plan requirements and accurately completing your documents, resulting in a smooth and successful transition to retirement. If you elect to become a client, our Relationship Management team begins the orderly process of allocating your retirement assets based on the comprehensive plan we have developed with you, including proper rollover of your tax‐deferred assets into IRAs.* We can also review your estate planning documents to determine if you need any updates required as a result of your change in status.

Comprehensive Investment Services include:

*Johnson Financial Group does not provide legal or tax advice.

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ClearWealth Pre‐Retirement Program for Airline Pilots

For decades, we have assisted hundreds of active airline pilots plan for retirement, transition into retirement and live comfortably through retirement. We have the professionals to help you with your investment, retirement and financial planning needs.

It all starts with completing our ClearWealth®Confidential (CCQ) questionnaire. The CCQ will help form the basis for your customized investment and retirement plan. By evaluating your investments, business interests, real estate, cash, income requirements, risk tolerance and other factors, we can offer a strategy that is best suited to your particular needs. Complete your CCQ here.

Learn more about the Pilot Program from Johnson Financial Group and how we can assist in helping you plan for your retirement.

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Portfolio Management

An important part of creating protecting and preserving your wealth is ensuring you have a solid investment plan in place. Your team at Johnson Financial Group has a rigorous, disciplined process to ensure we consistently design appropriate investment strategies to help achieve our clients' objectives. Learn more about our Portfolio Management capabilities.

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Fiduciary Services

A fundamental part of wealth planning is making sure your loved ones are cared for in the unlikely event of a serious illness or death. As a multi‐generational family company, led by the fifth generation of Johnson family entrepreneurs, we take your legacy as seriously as we do our own. Together with your outside advisors we will also work with you to tailor comprehensive fiduciary solutions to settle your affairs or manage finances when you no longer can. You can enjoy peace of mind by assigning the responsibility of maintaining your legacy to our knowledgeable advisors. Learn more about our Fiduciary Services and how we can help.

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