• Next Quarter Century

    Helping you maintain and grow your wealth isn't defined by a product or service we offer, it's simply who we are. When our founder, Sam Johnson, talked about planning for the next quarter, he always meant the next quarter century. That same long term focus continues to guide us in our mission to help you plan for the next generation.


  • ClearWealth Financial Planning

    It's nearly impossible to separate your financial life from the rest of your life. ClearWealth® Financial Planning is just one of many ways JFG is committed to helping you build a thriving and meaningful future for your whole life.


  • Post-Election Economic Forum

    Johnson Bank recently hosted an Economic Forum in Phoenix, Arizona. Brian Andrew, Chief Investment Officer, shared his expertise and advice on how our Administration Elect's proposed policies could impact investment markets.


  • Welcome Cleary Gull Advisors' Clients

    With our acquisition of Cleary Gull Advisors, Inc., we combine two privately held, locally owned, industry leading companies, delivering strong, quality investment results for clients. Our company will initially be known as Cleary Gull Advisors, a Johnson Financial Group company.


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Products & Services

Value Added Services


Long-Term Care Insurance

Have you thought about what would happen if you ever developed a chronic illness or disability that leaves you unable to care for yourself for an extended period of time? Our advisors can ensure you are properly covered, giving you total peace of mind.

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ClearWealth® Financial Planning

Understanding your needs and clearly defining your goals is critical to creating a solid foundation for a comprehensive financial plan. Our advisors will partner with you to guide you through the entire process.

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Your money is a tool to achieve all of your dreams. Your investments should help improve your life and the lives of those around you. Johnson Investment Services provides access to a full line of investment choices to help grow your portfolio, establish a legacy for your loved ones, or support the charities that are important to you.

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