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Johnson Insurance Connect

Access home and auto information anytime, anywhere

With Johnson Insurance Connect, you'll have convenient online and mobile access to view and update your home and auto insurance information. You'll always get to your personal insurance information whenever you need to. To get started you'll need to enroll online or download the Johnson Insurance Connect app.

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Features Johnson Insurance Connect Online Johnson Insurance Connect App
Print, view or email your Auto Insurance ID Card. Use your mobile device to display your card instead of carrying a hard copy. {{alt}} {{alt}}
Submit a Claim or loss for your home or vehicles. Take pictures and upload along with your claim. {{alt}} {{alt}}
Update your information with the Driver, Vehicle, Home and Other Policy Change request forms. Add, delete, or modify coverage information when it is convenient for you. {{alt}} {{alt}}
(Driver & Vehicle Only)
Review your Policy Snapshot for home and auto coverage, deductibles and other important details. {{alt}} {{alt}}
Select Mortgagee Changes to update your mortgagee when you refinance your home or pay off your home loan. {{alt}} N/A
Contact Us to reach your Agent or the Johnson Insurance Service team. {{alt}} {{alt}}
Access the article library through Johnson Financial Group Resources for financial information to help you reach your short and long‐term goals. {{alt}} N/A
Take advantage of Helpful Links for information including Kelly Blue Book, FEMA and more. {{alt}} N/A

For your protection, insurance coverage cannot be bound or changed via the agency's website or by mobile application and is not effective until confirmed directly with a licensed agent.


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