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Johnson Bank checking account options include features that matter the most to you, including the convenience of online and mobile access to your accounts. Meet with one of our Relationship Bankers to open an account to best meet your needs today, and find out how you can combine your balances from other Johnson Bank accounts to be free from maintenance fees.

Features Essential Checking Signature Checking
with interest
eBanking with Bill Pay {{alt}} {{alt}}
Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit {{alt}} {{alt}}
Access to thousands of fee‐free ATMs {{alt}} {{alt}}
eStatements {{alt}} {{alt}}
Personal Finance from Yodlee {{alt}} {{alt}}
Johnson Bank CheckCard {{alt}} {{alt}}
Account Details Essential Checking Signature Checking
with interest
Minimum Opening Deposit $200 $200
Monthly Cycle Maintenance Fee
Waived if any one of the 3 qualifications below are met
$10 $20
Minimum Daily Ledger Balance1 $500 $1,000
Average Monthly Cycle Ledger Balance $1,000 $10,000
Combined Related Aggregate Ledger Balance2 $100,000 $150,000
Monthly Automatic (ACH) Direct Deposit {{alt}} N/A
Unlimited Transaction/Activity Fees
Per Check, On‐Us ATM, Foreign ATM or ACH/Electronic
{{alt}} {{alt}}
Essential Checking for Young Adults3 N/A {{alt}}
Available Overdraft Services4
Provided by a Savings or Money Market account or a Line of Credit
{{alt}} {{alt}}
Interest Rate N/A Tiered
Contact Johnson Bank
Interest Payment Frequency, Monthly N/A {{alt}}
Check Safekeeping No Charge No Charge

1 Opening an account with an amount less than the Minimum Daily Ledger Balance will result in the account being assessed a Monthly Cycle Maintenance Fee for the initial monthly cycle, unless another balance qualification is met or a monthly direct deposit is established.

2 Defined as the lowest daily combined ledger balance of this account plus all “Related Accounts” designated by you, the customer and linked by the Bank for this purpose. Related Accounts include consumer savings, money market, certificates of deposit and current outstanding principal consumer and mortgage loan balances. Classic Lines of Credit and certain deposit account balances for retirement or tax-deferred accounts are excluded. Related Accounts may not be used with more than one checking account.

3 Young Adults under the age of 25 are eligible for a free Essential Checking account if a parent or guardian maintains a Johnson Bank interest bearing checking (demand deposit) account.

4 Credit products are subject to standard underwriting, approval, terms and conditions.

Other Information: Minimum age to open an individual checking account is 18. Additional fees may apply, see the Fee Schedule for more information.


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