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Professional & Specialty Liability

The team of specialized, industry specific Professional & Specialty consultants at Johnson Insurance is dedicated to understanding your business and the legal environment in which you operate. Our hands-on approach helps us learn about the challenges you face and how we can tailor solutions that meet your business needs.

Our Professional Liability consultants are deeply rooted in your industries. We are also active in associations, sponsorships and tradeshows. You can feel secure in knowing that your business is our specialty.

Professional Liability

Accounting Our Services
We have tools designed specifically to help CPAs and accounting firms better protect themselves against professional liability claims, and are actively involved in researching and developing insurance options that support the accounting industry.
  • Counsel in prior acts and ‘tail’ issues critical to mergers, dissolutions, new hires and retirees
  • Employment practices support services
  • Counsel on engagement and disengagement issues, third‐party information requests and responses to subpoena and regulatory inquiries
  • In‐house risk management, loss prevention and educational seminars
  • Comprehensive property and casualty options to ensure complete protection
Architecture & Engineering Our Services
Our specialists have the insider knowledge to help you stay a step ahead of the increasing challenges facing architects and engineers from individual practitioners to sophisticated multi‐state firms.
  • Contract review and negotiation support
  • Counsel in prior acts and ‘tail’ issues critical to mergers, dissolutions, new hires and retirees
  • In‐house risk management, loss prevention and educational seminars
  • Comprehensive property and casualty coverage tailored specifically to your industry
Healthcare Our Services
Our healthcare insurance team takes a hands-on approach to providing solutions for physicians, clinics and healthcare facilities of all types.
  • Developing strategies to improve your underwriting profile with medical liability insurance companies
  • Providing counsel on prior acts and ‘tail’ issues affecting new hires, retirees and practice acquisitions or dissolutions
  • Designing risk transfer strategies that help reduce healthcare errors, enhance patient safety and control the cost of risk
  • Offering risk management seminars on topics such as EMTALA and HIPAA compliance, informed consent, patient safety, electronic medical record documentation and liability trends
  • Researching comprehensive property and casualty options tailored specifically to the needs of healthcare facilities
In addition, we have a Risk Management Specialist dedicated providing a variety of services to help address concerns specific to the healthcare industry.
  • Healthcare risk management audit
  • Policies and procedures development consulting
  • HIPAA privacy and security consulting
  • Identity theft and privacy consulting
  • Accreditation, state and federal plans of correction consulting
  • Risk management support services
  • Loss repositioning consulting
  • Educational program
Lawyers Our Services
We've made it our business to understand the complexities of the constantly evolving legal industry. The value we offer goes beyond the bottom line.
  • Guidance in the application process to enhance your underwriting profile
  • Advocacy in the reporting and handling of claims
  • Counsel in prior acts and ‘tail’ issues critical to mergers, dissolutions, new hires and retirees
  • Options for comprehensive property and casualty coverage tailored specifically to your practice

Specialty Liability

Aviation Johnson Aviation Insurance was established by our founder, Sam Johnson, who was himself an avid aviator. Today, our Aviation Insurance consultants share your passion and understand the challenges of the aviation industry. Our direct relationship with aviation insurers means full access to a wide array of coverage and pricing options.
Transportation & Trucking From owner operators to fleets, we have years of experience in serving the unique and varied needs of the transportation industry. With specific programs tailored to the motor carrier industry, we'll help you find the best fit for your insurance requirements and provide additional services to cover all your business needs.
Home Companion Care Our experience and reputation are just as important as the fact that we partner with well known carriers to offer coverage and exclusive benefits to members of the Wisconsin Personal Services Association (WPSA). Our Program:
  • Competitive and comprehensive coverage
  • Risk management and safety resources
  • Loss prevention and claims services
  • Knowledge of industry specific issues and exposures
  • Ongoing education



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