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Johnson Bank treasury management allows your business to better manage money during every stage of the cash flow cycle with services that include electronic payment processing, fraud prevention and 24/7 account access with Business Gateway®. In addition, our treasury management solutions provide your company with strong security controls including multi‐factor authentication, dual control approvals and Trusteer Rapport, a malware detection and removal solution which will protect your accounts from hackers.

Receivables Management   Payables Management   Information Reporting

Investments & Borrowing   Fraud Prevention Services

Receivables Management

Improve your company's funds availability, cash forecasting and audit control by collecting funds more quickly and utilizing cash for investing or debt reduction.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Collection ACH Collection is an efficient, cost‐effective way to collect receivables so you know exactly what will post daily. It is ideal for recurring payments like dues, lease/loans, charitable contributions, and more.
DepositPartner DepositPartner provides you with the technology to image‐capture checks and send them securely over the web saving you a trip to the bank. Make electronic deposits right from your location—a convenience designed to streamline your deposit management process.
Deposit Reconciliation Deposit Reconciliation allows you to monitor deposit activity at all of your locations through one account, giving you greater control and efficiency.
Deposit Reporting Deposit Reporting offers a convenient way to move idle funds from remote locations and lockboxes to your Johnson Bank account to improve daily cash flow.
Lockbox Service Lockbox service takes the work out of processing receivables for you and accelerates your cash flow.Your customer's mail their payments to a P.O. Box, payments are retrieved, processed and deposited the same‐day received.
SmartPay Express SmartPay Express allows you to improve your cash flow by enabling your customers to effortlessly pay you online via ACH and credit or debit card. Utilizing a secure custom branded payments portal, you’ll receive funds more quickly and data is easily exported to your accounting system.
Safe Vault Service Safe Vault Service is an integrated cash management solution that allows you to reduce losses and cash handling gaps, and increase your profitability. This service is ideal for convenience stores, restaurants, entertainment complexes and other retail and commercial businesses that routinely handle cash.

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Payables Management

Reduce your risk as well as the costs associated with disbursing funds to vendors, employees and investors using tools such as ACH payments and wire transfers.

ACH Payments

ACH Payments quickly and conveniently send payments electronically. They're ideal for payroll, taxes, dividends, interest, expense reimbursement, insurance claims and vendor expenses.

Need to send a payment quickly? With Same Day ACH, you can initiate payments for payees to receive funds the same day.

Controlled Disbursements Same‐day clearing totals eliminate guessing games and allow you to make informed investment or borrowing decisions more quickly.
Payroll Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows you to deposit your employees' pay directly into their accounts via the ACH network, saving time for you and your employees.

With Same Day ACH, you have the added flexibility for late and emergency payrolls, and paying hourly workers. It also enables your employees to have faster access to their pay.

Wire Transfers A wire transfer is the fastest mode of transferring funds to your recipient. It can be used across the globe in various countries.
Zero Balance Accounts Zero Balance accounts automatically transfer funds between operating and disbursement accounts to finance expenses such as payroll, eliminating the need for manual transfers.

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Information Reporting

Improve your company's efficiency in treasury management and information reporting while enjoying quick access to updated account information.

Account Analysis A detailed monthly account analysis that provides activity, and a breakdown of average balances, services used and fees.
Account Image Archive Stop using up valuable megabytes or file space by storing check images. We'll compile statements, paid and cancelled checks on a USB for you with easy‐to‐search features. Available monthly or annually.
Account Reconciliation Services Account Reconciliation Services increase accuracy, reduce paperwork and provide detailed monitoring and reconciling of checking accounts saving you time and effort.
Business Gateway®

Improve your company's cash flow by tracking and managing your balances and transactions anytime, anywhere with 24/7 online access.

{{alt}} On the go? Johnson Biz, our Business Mobile Banking App, will keep you up to date on your account balances and activity. You can approve ACH and wire transactions as well as setup security alerts.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Reporting Enhance your treasury management by utilizing the electronic network to replace mail delivery for payment and remittance detail.

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Investments & Borrowing

Grow interest income and reduce expenses by automating your overnight investments and short‐term borrowings using automated sweep accounts.

Automated Investment Sweep Account An Investment Sweep maximizes your funds by investing excess cash automatically between centralized operating and interest‐bearing accounts daily.
Automated Line of Credit Sweep Account A Line of Credit Sweep transfers funds automatically between your operating account and your Line of Credit to pay down debt efficiently, reduce interest expense and cover disbursements.

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Fraud Prevention Services

Johnson Bank safeguards you against check and ACH fraud, by constantly enhancing our fraud prevention knowledge, services and products.

ACH Blocking An inexpensive solution to manage unauthorized electronic activity by blocking ACH transactions from posting to your account.
Positive Pay

An early‐warning, fraud detection system that makes it easy for you to stop fraud before it occurs. We offer three types of Positive Pay:

ACH Positive Pay: Also known as ACH Debit Filter, ACH Positive Pay allows to you set up companies that are authorized to debit your business account and then alert you of transactions attempting to process from unauthorized companies. You can review these transactions then decide to pay the item, add the debtor as an authorized company or have the transaction returned.

Check Positive Pay: Electronically submit your check register to Johnson Bank. We will only pay the checks listed—with the specifications you indicate—such as amount, serial number or, if contracted for, payee.

Reverse Positive Pay: An alternative for companies that are unable to provide their check register in advance, Reverse Positive Pay allows you to identify questionable checks by reviewing all checks that were presented for payment the prior day and approving each for payment.

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